Saturday, May 18, 2013

How to deal with anti choicers

The debate over abortion ended long ago. Roe v. Wade settled it. It's the law of the land. The anti-choicers lost the debate, and have since been trying to subvert law and order in this great country to push their own agenda at the expense of everyone else. Remember, these are determined lunatic control freaks who want to push their own agendas for power and control at the expense of women's reproductive rights. The only thing that will make these scumbags change their mind is a bullet to the head. 

You don't argue with anti choice scumbags, you don't debate them, you don't call them names, you don't argue with them, you drag them down to the landfill and put a bullet through their brain.

Monday, May 6, 2013

You know what I find the most disturbing about the bitcoin community?

Bitcoin was created in 2009, the year where president Obama was first inaugurated. The recent rally also coincided with Obama's re-election. None of this is exactly surprising when you take a look at the demographics of the bitcoin userbase. The presence black president no doubt represents the deepest fears of the paranoid, fearful, and delusional libertarians/survivalists/conspiracy theorists/other assorted weirdos and kooks who make up the vast majority of the bitcoin community. Hence the creation of bitcoins and it's sudden rise in demand when Obama was elected and re-elected.

So on top of bitcoins having nearly no practical uses outside of buying drugs, money laundering, and other highly illegal activities unsuited for proper currencies, the bitcoin userbase is also made up of bigots, racists, fearful gun nuts, paranoid survivalists, economically illiterate nitwits, delusional libertarians, and profiteering scumbags.

Not really helping to prop up bitcoin's facade of legitimacy, is it?

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Why Gun Nuts Suck

Gun nuts are all cowards, you know, by nature. They buy guns because they're insecure and live in fear. Let's take a look the demographics of gun owners. There are less hunters, most young people avoid guns, as do most women and self respecting democrats. So that leaves the bigots, racists, scooter bound republicans, fundamentalist nitwits, anti abortion scumbags, delusional libertarians, conspiracy theorists and other assorted crazies and kooks that make up the population of gun owners. They are the type that can be easily persuaded the government is on a mission to confiscate their firearms.

That fear and paranoia is no doubt amplified by having a black president, which represents the deepest fears of right-wing survivalist types. So it was probably naive to expect that the gun nuts themselves could support common sense gun safety measures.

So forget what the gun nuts, the NRA, and the neocon traitors who support them think. If we repealed prohibition, we can repeal the second amendment. Repeal it and put and end to gun violence. Make it happen president Obama.

"My AR15 will surely protect me from the US military's drones, infantry, tanks, attack helicopters, and nuclear missiles!" - Gun nuts

Let what happened to the Boston bombers be a lesson to the gun nuts.

Seriously, if the US government decided it wanted to kill every man, women, and child in the country, there's nothing a "well-regulated militia" could do.

Friday, May 3, 2013

Scumbags Against Abortion

Can't wait to rid this world of the anti-abortion scumbags.

A womyn's body belongs to her and no one else. She can do whatever she wants with it.

If she is not hurting you or stopping your pursuit of happiness, it's none of your business.

If she chooses to have sex, then she has the right to birth control and be spared from the demeaning insults from you fundementalist nitwits.


So why shouldn't a womyn have the right to have an abortion whenever she wants? Her decision has no bearing on your life.

The anti abortion scumbags can whine to the moon if they want, doesn't change the fact that they're just control freaks who want to push their own agenda for power and control at the expense of womyn's reproductive rights.