Monday, May 6, 2013

You know what I find the most disturbing about the bitcoin community?

Bitcoin was created in 2009, the year where president Obama was first inaugurated. The recent rally also coincided with Obama's re-election. None of this is exactly surprising when you take a look at the demographics of the bitcoin userbase. The presence black president no doubt represents the deepest fears of the paranoid, fearful, and delusional libertarians/survivalists/conspiracy theorists/other assorted weirdos and kooks who make up the vast majority of the bitcoin community. Hence the creation of bitcoins and it's sudden rise in demand when Obama was elected and re-elected.

So on top of bitcoins having nearly no practical uses outside of buying drugs, money laundering, and other highly illegal activities unsuited for proper currencies, the bitcoin userbase is also made up of bigots, racists, fearful gun nuts, paranoid survivalists, economically illiterate nitwits, delusional libertarians, and profiteering scumbags.

Not really helping to prop up bitcoin's facade of legitimacy, is it?

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